The Benefits of Using Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring for Your Home

Strand woven bamboo flooring is a type of bamboo flooring that is made when strands of bamboo are cut and boiled then left to dry for a period. It is also a type of flooring that has been enforced to create the durable and long lasting flooring for any type of housings. So now let’s start to pay attention to the many consumer benefits that are to be had from this flooring.


Some, but far from all, bamboo is kiln-dried in its manufacturing process, and this step will stabilize the material at an acceptable moisture content level. In addition, it is so strong and impervious that you can do nearly anything to it without causing damage. It is therefore ideal for places that enjoy high traffic such as lobbies and areas in your home such as your living room.

Environmental Friendly

Bamboo grows much more quickly and is a lot more renewable than hardwood, so there’s plenty of it to use for flooring without depleting nature’s supply. Besides, in making strand woven bamboo, even the smallest pieces of bamboo can be integrated into the design, therefore, no waste material is accumulated in the process. What’s more, it is also an excellent natural air filter as it is able to absorb more carbon dioxide relatively to other types of trees.

Low Maintenance

Another benefit of this flooring is its easy-to-clean feature. Most of the cleaning of strand-woven bamboo flooring can be done with either a dust mop or a solution of vinegar and water without a need for harsher chemicals.


The popularity of this flooring by far is not only because of its functionality and, but also for the unique elegance that this material can bring to your home.

In short, your reasons for opting for strand woven bamboo flooring won’t matter over the years, as you will continue to be amazed at how durable, sustainable and beautiful it is over and over again.

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